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    I'm a professional freelance translator and content writer. Freelance SEO writer. Freelance copywriter. There are many ways to name my profession.


    SEO Content Writer's Daily Routine

    Type Out Good Words

    Good words. Fewer words. More impact. Whatever message you want to convey on your site, I'll find the best way of saying it.


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    Blog Directory  



    I'll help you craft an editorial strategy and brand voice. I'll also write engaging content that will help your site rank for relevant keywords.



    Microjob Market on Medium



    Every brand and company is different but not everyone can simply convey that. I'll use storytelling techniques to convey your unique selling point to customers and clients.


    Micro Job Market - hire freelancer


  • My Portfolio

    Companies I've worked with include:

    Micro Job Market, #1 fair trade freelance platform

    I offer my freelance writing gigs on Micro Job Market, the fair trade freelance marketplace that I really adore. The true freelance platform. If you wish to hire freelancer, this is the right platform.

    Lingo Expert, professional international translation agency

    Lingo Expert offers translation services between Asian languages and Western languages. Their service include technical translation, legal translation, medical translation besides regular content.

    Marketing to Asian countries is their other services.

    Content Writer and Translator

    Biz Israel is a global creative agency, their website offers a great City with 60 offices spanning 42 countries around the globe.



    Winston Pierrs

    Managing Director,

    H Communications

    "John is one of the most talented creatives I've ever worked with. He is the rare combination of big picture thinker and skilled executional writer."

    Cathy Lin

    Head of Marketing,

     Lingo Expert Translation

    "From his friendly personality to his passion for business, John was exactly the content expert we needed to jumpstart our new marketing team."

    Ben Kinar

    Creative Director,

    Biz Israel

    "Never afraid to take a risk or put in a few extra hours, John is committed to doing fresher, more compelling work each time. "

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